The cruciverbalist is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to the exciting art of extricating anagrams, making sense of various directions and combining cryptic elements to generate S O Lu Ti O N S

We publish a wide range of cryptic crosswords both to encourage beginners just getting into solving and to provide a challenge to more seasoned solvers.

The Editors

Before we met in 2010, we were closet cruciverbalists, seemingly alone in our passion for the grid of black and white. We’ve since discovered that lots of people born after 1965 are keen to infiltrate the arcane world of decryption. Having puzzled over crosswords in The Age/SMH, The Guardian and The Times for several years, we’ve started setting our own in the hope of convincing would-be cruciverbalists to get involved – solving a cryptic’s always more fun with a friend!

Chris is currently studying publishing and editing. He once gave a lecture using the philosophy of Kierkegaard to analyse the life and works of Kanye West. He tweets here.

Siobhan – a lifelong logophile – has been solving cryptic crosswords since she was thirteen. She has just finished her BA (English) and plans to continue her study of wordy things while honing her crossword-setting skills. She tweets here.