A.D. Hill is an author, school principle and Times Cryptic devotee who lives in the desert.


Crock is a cryptic crossword solver and setter who places emphasis on the cryptic – a mysterious figure. Occasionally on twitter @crockword


Felix is a philosophy student and amateur jiu-jiteiro. Having retired from the competitive Pokemon scene in early 2016, he now fills a Bulbasaur-shaped hole with setting and solving.


Hieronymus is an editor of the cruciverbalist and cryptic-cartoonist-in-chief. She also sets crosswords forThe Big Issue and tweets @siobhanlinde


Lancelot is a middle-aged family guy with a a career in the corporate world (yeah he knows, not very exciting). He studied Mathematics and Economics so solving cryptic crosswords exercises the underutilised side of his brain. He also writes crosswords for The Big Issue.


Leibniz is a 34-year-old crossword compiler from Melbourne. He doesn’t pretend to understand the rules of cryptics, he merely enforces them. He can sometimes be reached on twitter c/o @lrxword


Monocle is an editor of the cruciverbalist. His crosswords also appear in Arena and The Big Issue. He sporadically tweets puns @cjrblack


Ozpiper caught the cryptoverbosium bug from Dad, along with an oddball sense of humour and a tendency to look at the world in peculiar ways. After a mind-bending career in physics and education, what else is there but to create cryptic crosswords? Follow him on twitter @ozpiper


Symptomatic knew he loved puzzles from a young age. His hobby is tormenting his friends, family, and the local geocaching chapter with a choice selection of his inventions. Check out his many and varied puzzles here or via tiwtter @Symp_to_mat_ic


Tyke originally hails from Yorkshire and got bitten by the cryptic bug in his late teens. Starting with the Daily Telegraph, he has since navigated grids and the globe, now based in Melbourne.


Zplig is a philosopher and maths teacher-in-training who was introduced to cryptics by his mother and grandmother. He also writes crosswords for Honi Soit and the Australian Crossword Club. He tweets @zplig