Cryptic Indicators

The following is a non-exhaustive list of indicators for different clue types; just a general sense of what each clue might use.

Anagrams: around/about, possibly/could be, distributed, bad, sick, crazy, lost, confused, broken, fresh, off, cryptic, organised, sad, new, troubled, treated, corrupt, explosive, chaotic, disordered, different, cooked etc.

Hiddens: inside/within, outside/without, holding, cutting, dividing, essentially, at heart, etc.

Homophones: heard, out loud, said/discussed, in the auditorium, on the radio, etc.

Deletions: cut, shortly, Manx/tailless, headless/uncapped, almost/nearly, losing ‘x’, etc.

Manipulations: swap/trade/exchange/drop ‘x’ for ‘y’, or simply ‘x’ for ‘y’

Codes/Alterations: firstly, lastly, oddly, evenly, every now and again, regularly, etc.

Reversals: standing/rising, returning, over, back, up, around, etc.

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