In Issue 8 of The Cruciverbalist we blast off into the majestic realms of science-fiction and science-fact! To celebrate we have a brand new clue contest. Give us your best clues for a chance to win a copy of this issue, our next issue, or any available back issue.

For this competition we have several words to clue. Pick from any or all of SPACE, SCIENCE, SCI-FI, SCIENCE-FICTION, TECHNOLOGY and TECH.



  • Penny Modra

    South walk gives you room to move (5)

    • CB

      Very smooth!

  • OFM

    SPACE – Stipend: stopgap?

    (“Stip ends top gap” after messing with the SPACEs … (S/ti/P + ACE))

  • SK

    SPACE – Vacate college after spring break

  • Patrick

    Extreme space colonisation involves fightingImperials, for example (3-2)

  • Patrick

    Escape! Outlast! Struggling where no one can hear you scream! (5)

    • CB

      Congratulations, Patrick! You’re our winner! If you get in touch via email at and we’ll send you an issue of your choice.

  • Jordan Leith

    Aliens might be in this bar (5)

  • Jordan Leith

    Scientific advancements enhancing thy cologne (10)

  • Jim Mortleman

    Psychic fair blasting odd characters into astral fantasy? (3-2)

  • CS

    Apple field depicted on the edges of table-cloth (4)

  • CB

    Thanks for all your fantastic clues! We’ll announce the winner this Friday.