The first competition from the cruciverbalist

Each issue of the magazine comes with a word to clue. The winner gets their clue published in the magazine and here on the site, as well as a free copy of the next issue.

The word to be clued this time is GENESIS

Send your entries to or put them in the comments below.

  • AB

    Start with odd, grey Nebraskan sitting on nun’s top half?

  • NL

    Biological building blocks travelled to Iceland in search of the beginning.

  • OFM

    GENESIS – Fashion designers involving R&D Department in the creation process?

  • OFM

    GENESIS: First book to mention Caitlyn’s (formerly Bruce’s) sibling briefly?
    [~JENNER SIS/ter]

    • CB

      Nice homophone OFM, and went very well with the definition. As you’ll see on the next competition, you came second, so if you would like to get in touch with us via email and let us know your address we can send out a copy of Issue 2.

  • alder

    Signees made a mess in the beginning (7)

  • CB

    Thanks everyone for submitting your clues, some good stuff in there. Check out the next competition for the winner and a new word to clue.