CoW #15

Cryptic Cartoon of the Week:


Can you solve this cryptic cartoon?

And come up with your own clue for the same answer?

  • TB

    Climber repaired a small blanket (9)

  • OFM

    Jacks ladder for ultimate “one last” bank caper?

    • CB

      Very sneaky OFM, and a lovely idea. I reckon the omission of the apostrophe might be a step too far though, too much of a substantive change to the meaning. What are your thoughts?

      • OFM

        I’ve always treated (most) punctuation as omittable window-dressing in my clues, the change of meaning being a deliberate misdirection and therefore kosher. Honestly I’ve never really considered its legitimacy but then again have never been challenged on it!

        In my opinion it’s not breaking any rules, however I’m sure there are many I’ve yet to learn. Am keen to get your (and others) take on it, as with every rule it’s more a matter of popular opinion than scripture.

        • CB

          Yeah, I reckon it’s fine (fantastic even) to play around with punctuation a lot on the surface (as long as the clue mechanics work). But I think this one changes the meaning of the def too much.

          Would be great to here some more thoughts – perhaps a topic to raise on DA’s forum?

          • OFM

            Ah I see where you’re coming from now – I haven’t just omitted an apostrophe to disguise some other wordplay, instead in my pursuit to be clever I’ve left out an apostrophe that’s integral to communicating the actual definition. I see the error of my ways, and agree that in this case it’s a step too far.

            If it were the other way around, cluing PILFERS with a “Jack’s” surface, then that would be OK?